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Thursday, February 11, 2021


Those who know me well know I am an avid reader which has accelerated in the last few months to between 2 to 4 books a week. One I am reading now was autographed by the author, Brother Rachid, perhaps the most hunted ex-Muslim in the world who's life is constantly threatened. His thoroughly researched and footnoted book, THE IDEOLOGY BEHIND ISLAMIC TERRORISM, explains Islamic attitudes, as he is the son of an Imam and spent 32 years in Islam, memorizing a third of the Quran at an early age. What is so striking to me are the alarming parallels to politicall and religious indoctrination and control in today's America which are uncannily similar to the memes in Islamic countries. If you get a chance, pick up a copy.

He talks about the endless repetition Islamic memes from early childhood, the pervasive Quranic passages against Christians and Jews, the role of the Arab media, and so forth.  He believes it is only natural and expected and Muslim kids grow up with hatred, distrust, and so forth.  He details how the Arab media makes up stories out of whole cloth to cast the "People of the Book" in a bad light. It is pervasive, is universal in the educational system, and is racist to its core. It helps one understand why there cannot be true peace with the Jews - it antithetical to core beliefs. There may be short-term agreements because of common enemies, but we have to understand the true dynamics for 14 centuries.

Of course in politics we see the same things - mantras are the rule instead of debate.  Anyone who thinks critically is suspect and MUST be silenced.  Anyone who leaves the fold is demonized and hunted down.

We see the same in education and culture.  The elites decide that what they think supersedes all other thinking - sort of like a modern Dark Ages with endless persecution. Even though evolution has ZERO to do with practicing medicine, to study at Rice University to be a doctor you have to believe in it. I Have a video Evolution vs. God that shows in unflattering terms that those who swear by evolution cannot even explain it or defend it in the slightest - just like dyed in the wool Muslims and partisan political folks cannot defend intellectually what they believe is sacrosanct.

Unfortunately, the same is often true of Christianity.  Children are told "we all are the children of God" even though the Bible says the opposite. Satan loves to take little truth and mix in lots of error - we are all CREATED by God, but John tells us how we get the power to BECOME children of God.  Jesus was not bashful about calling religious leaders children of Satan.

Tithing is another one - bombastic messages which ignore the triple tithe (one of which was triennial) for Jews in the Old Covenant but NEVER mentioned as part of the new covenant.  Endless guilting, out-of-context quotes, and teaching people to give in order to get is all pervasive among evangelicals and pastors who teach it almost NEVER examine the fact what they preach is impossible even to apply in a modern society with the diversity of ways people get paid.  Yet critical thinking is absent and people bludgeon congregations to give per a formula.  

We could go on to those shackled by Reformed Theology, Cessationist Theology, etc.  It does not take long to look at the spirit behind The Gospel Coalition, Patheos, and so many other groups who have laid aside basic scriptural truths.  People do the same as Brother Rachid details - they hear their memes early, they hear them often, their media sources are totally one-sided and slanderous.

In all cases it take deliverance through the power of the Holy Spirit to get free of the shackles and to be truly free in Christ.  It may be a struggle for you, but it is entirely worthy it!  God bless you!


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