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Thursday, December 7, 2017


No surprise here - the young are often Biblically illiterate and have been ill-equipped to fight the left-wing indoctrination and false ideas of what social justice really is. From the emergent and missional churches to mainstream feel-good preaching that ignores sin, hell, and the grave, core beliefs on a host of issues have been weak for some time. 

So called Christian colleges have jettison core Biblical truths for political correctness. Many have
professors who are wolves in sheep's clothing who are deeply compromised. Most I would not trust with kid anymore.  

Without a deep personal relationship with Christ, daily Bible Study, and an intensive prayer life, Barna polls have consistently shown that most of who call themselves Christians cannot even half define what that means, and this is not limited to the young, but is more prevalent among them. Churches are losing members and losing intensity because the love of many is growing cold. If you are not intensely involved with the Lord every day, repent and get there or you will be in this number as well.


Here is a recent exchange on Facebook – I have posted it on both this blog and my political blog.

Me:    Of course not! Freedom means being able to follow your conscience. Homosexual "weddings" are a total sham and a celebration of perverted behavior. A true Christian could never go to one, approve of one, or participate in the celebration of an abomination as a baker, photographer, or other enabler. THIS IS BASIC FREEDOM, which liberals, Muslims and others routinely enjoy as NO CASE has ever been brought about their matter-of-fact refusal to bake Trump cakes (libs), gay cakes (Muslims), etc. it It a purely anti-Christian effort. We have the Bill of Rights for a reason, though many judges do not understand that but simply are there to push a demented left-wing agenda with zero consideration of the law. There is a real possibility Kennedy will vote his pro-gay beliefs and make it 5-4 against the Constitution. If that happens, Christians must be prepared to stand regardless. The SCOTUS has made many errors - remember Plessy vs. Ferguson in 1896? A man who was 1/8 black but passed for white got on the best part of the train with no issues. When he stated he was really black, they asked him to move to the "colored" section. The SCOTUS ruled against him that Separate but Equal was fine. Some universities today still do that with back dorms, etc. except now it isa t the request of blacks. Only God is the final arbiter and we need to stand for right no matter how many stand for wrong.

Challenger  How about a racist motel owner turning away black family in need of lodging for a night? Racism and anti-gay bigotry are “matters of conscience.” We’re allowed to think and speak as we like, but when we offer our services commercially, we need to offer them to all comers our equal terms. If you can’t be gracious, you’ll attract legal challenges that will put you out of business. I suspect that there were once pastors who would not perform interracial marriages as a matter of conscience.

Me:   I cannot disagree more and find it extraordinarily insulting to compare the color of one skin with abominable sexual perversion that does violence to the human body. This argument by gay radicals deeply insults black people. I testified concerning this at a public hearing on so called "human rights". Thankfully the mayor's veto was sustained The argument is fallacious because the Bible specifically forbids partiality and in fact Miriam got leprosy for criticizing her brother Moses' marriage to a black African. On the other hand, homosexuality is condemned not only by the Bible but by the Quran and almost every society until recently. We are to have no part of unrighteousness.

We are not talking about selling people food, coffee or a car here. No one asks anything in straight transactions, and in fact at the hearing NO ONE said they has EVER experienced discrimination .  It was :”just in case” – yes,  Just in case there was a Christian they wanted to target make an example of.   That is the true history of these cases – sometimes traveling 3,000 miles to do so – agenda—driven to the extreme.  A wedding is a whole different story from a simple sales transaction. We are talking about CELEBRATING and AFFIRMING the unfruitful works of darkness. We are talking about an intensely personal service in a celebratory event.  That is how I found out John Kasich was a fraud - he said he was a Christian and opposed homosexual "marriage" but went to one of friend to "support" him. That is absurd. If you are against a wedding, you do not go. Our wedding was packed and our pastor, our elders and our family ALL approved. I would not want anyone there who thought what we were doing was wrong. You cannot celebrate what is abhorrent to God, and the first amendment (read it again last night) says the freedom of religion cannot be abridged.

According to Merriam Webster, RELIGION Is a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices. A Christian made a custom ring for with your point of view made custom rings for a lesbian couple. When they found out he was a Christian, they demanded a refund. All sane people want those involved in their wedding to be in their corner -we selected very carefully for our wedding. IT is SOLELY about seeking to shut down all debate and insist that EVERYONE believe in their pagan practices which shall be destroyed by Christ's breath at his coming. Those who approve of what God hates are on thin ic and I do not like really cold water.

Challenger: I understand the whole “God hates fags” pitch. I think it doesn’t play in 2017. We know too many adorable gays—with many who are still in the closet, sadly. If you want to throw them from the tops of buildings (and forgive “straight” divorce, which Jesus clearly hated and preached against), go ahead. If these people are not your neighbors, who is? You were loved and appeared to love your fellow architecture students who were/are gay. What changed?

Me:   You sure are leaping to conclusions.
Have never thrown anyone off a building.
Hired homosexuals when in charge of technical hiring for a large A/E firm.
Designed projects for gay clients.
Every place we lived there was a gay couple within doors of us - a lesbian couple in their 70;s lives 75' down the hall.
My younger son's best Sunday School teacher was a former homosexual who sold flowers on Rittenhouse Square.
I have never justified divorce (except for Biblical grounds), fornication,  living together before marriage, porn, R-rated movies,  or anything else.
All will put you in hell.

HOWEVER - homosexuality is still an abomination and while not the only one is a core rebellion against whom God made you. There is no "gay gene" and adorable does not cut it with God.   Look, I had two adorable clients who worked for the Educational Testing Service in Princeton making up those diabolical questions. They were eccentric and hoarders, but intellectually smart and engaging and liked to talk about their church.   When the project was about 95% complete, I was shocked looking at the front page of the Philadelphia Inquirer one day to see his picture and he was in jail for molesting his six grandchildren, all adopted from Vietnam.  His wife called three days later as  though nothing had happened and wanted to finish the project.  I could not get the Contractor back there.   

I can never celebrate what is repugnant to God.   I will not go with signs to protest homosexual "weddings", but I will never go to one either, put my endorsement on their relationship., or as a minister marry them in a ceremony,  Thankfully, I cannot legally marry anyone in Pennsylvania though I have been asked more than once by heterosexual couples, as I do not have an active congregation, but do the work of an evangelist. Though a friend in one case, the man was not behaving in a biblical manner and I did not deem his marriage to be allowed scripturally.  In Denmark and other areas they seek to force ministers to marry people.  My Dad was a pastor and he rejected more couples than he accepted, especially during WWII.  Most reputable ministers insist on counseling and being sure the couple is ready to marry.   

What I oppose so vociferously is the attempt to force anyone to celebrate what is repugnant to God and which by nature is a sin against the human body.  Few people even know what gay people do in bed.  I do - I dated an African girl back in the early 70's who lived at the YWCA who told me what Lesbians actually do.  She was so grossed out she moved in with an older woman.  The sanitization of sin happens in all arenas, but the current push to force everyone to endorse these perversions is totally against our Constitutional Freedoms and the freedom of conscience.

Sunday, December 3, 2017


Sermon today was on Revelation 19. Brides spend a ton of time on their wedding plans, especially on the gown/ The Bible says our wedding garment will be the righteous acts. How many people are looking forward so much to being married to Jesus that they become preoccupied with becoming righteous and doing righteous things for others? We should want the Lord to look at us and have a tear of joy in his eyes as he gazes on our purity and holiness. We are a corporate bride, so we are talking about the church here - as a body of believers, we should be working together, encouraging one another, and helping one another to be conformed to his image and conformed to the plan he has for us. We will be in his embrace forever and will be communicating with him for eternity. Since were are now his betrothed, we should be talking to him about all the details and asking him what he likes and doesn't like so that on that glorious day, neither or us will be disappointed!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


This is a letter I wrote to an African pastor who said our website was instrumental in his walk with God.
It is wonderful to hear of your transformation, and I certainly will pray for you each day, as I intercede for many.  Be sure to keep me informed of your progress and specific prayer needs.
For starters, I find this to be a valuable daily discipline - I keep track of each day's time on my computer and have since January 1 of 1990, so have thousands of pages of my dealings with God.  It is so encouraging when people I have prayed for relay an answer of prayer to me and of course I know when God answers mine.    Be sure to hear the voice of God for yourself, but however he leads you it does take signifiant time to have a serious relationship with God. This is the best time of the day. or evening - unlike many, I am alone with God at night when it is quiet.  Probably more people choose to get up early in the morning for their devotional time but God knows each person's "clock". Obviously there are prayers throughout the day. It is like a high speed computer connection - always on - he talks - we talk - it is instant and it is all the time.  Nonetheless, it is good to have dedicated, uninterrupted time with our Lord every day without fail. No need  to be rigid, but I try to be sure that every day includes at least the following. 
1) Worship the Lord in song - singing aloud or in my heart.
2) Thanking God specifically for what he has done for me.
3) Praying for urgent challenges in my life and the life of others.
4) Studying systematically the Bible - I am in Matthew right now though on my Sunday programs I am in Luke 4.
5) Write down after each verse or phase what it means to me and if there is an application.
6) Write down what God is putting in my heart - perhaps something to do, an attitude to change, or specific direction in my business.
7) Write down my response to God and any prayers needed to bring what he says to happen in my life.
8) Prayers for the nations - some pray per Operation World, others generally.  I have been led to lift up every nation and territory by name to the Lord each day, but rotate specific prayers for each country to take a week - Monday is Africa, Tuesday Asia, Wednesday the Caribbean, Thursday Europe, Friday Latin America, Saturday North American, and Sunday Oceama (Australia and the Pacific).  I formed my own database of the nations including population, percentage nominal Christian, percentage evangelical, etc.   It also makes me more aware of events around the world.  This is updated frequently.
9) Prayers for the 50 most persecute Nations (Kenya has moved up - not good - to #19, right behind Qatar.  I pray for the churches in those nations and for the secular leaders.  41 of these are problem nations due to Islamic intolerance.
10) Prayers specifically for world attitudes toward the church, prayers dealing with Islamic influences, sex slavery worldwide, FGM (female genital mutilation), etc.
11) Prayers for President Trump and his officials. For wisdom and victory on key issues, particularly moral issues.
12) Prayers for other political leaders national, state, and local.
13) Prayers for people God has put in my life and on my heart to intercede for specifically each day.
14) Prayers for the church - general issues, doctrinal deviations, political deceptions, moral compromises, etc. as well as for several dozen churches praying specifically according to their needs.
15) Prayers for our families - my wife, children grandchildren, sister, brother-in-law, nieces, nephews, cousins, and extended family. For example we have a cousin who signed an NBA contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves basketball team currently in China.  I ray for those involved in fornication or other sin and deception. I pray for the spiritual success and the move of god in their lives.
16) Prayers for schools and colleges, for proper knowledge to be shared and that which is false to fade away.  I pray for specific schools. seminaries, and influencers.
16) Prayers for my clients - jobs by category and possible new business.
17) Prayers for athletes who love the Lord for personal integrity, for salvation of their teammates, success of their marriages and so forth.
18) Prayers for those who are not born again that they would come to know the Lord.
The Lord leads different people differently, but I do believe he want all of us to be sober-minded people serious about out relationship with him and eager to intercede for the needs of others.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

This post also appears on my political blog, but I believe it is OK to put this on LIFE IN THE SPIRIT.   I trust that no what your political views, we can all agree on this.  I left a message at the Larry Elder show which I listen to from time to time.

Larry, this is John from Pennsylvania. I found myself hollering at the car radio Friday when the last caller could not understand why a business would not want to bake a cake to celebrate a so-called gay marriage. He was mum about people refusing to give up illegal sanctuary cities, mum about California’s illegal travel ban to other states, and every other crazy leftist idea.  It is never about the law or justice, but only that the left can make people knuckle under their bullying tactics.  Over 100 million people died in the last century when these folks had an unimpeded reign. Well, I have been in business for thirty-eight years and making money is NOT the sole reason. Further, what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul? 

If you try gay plumbing marriage, you have a flood. If you try gay electrical marriage, you get a fire. With people it is worse, and none has the right to turn all of human history upside down and demand we accept insanity.  Better to lose some business.  Better yet for Government to stop the foolishness and make religious freedom absolute as it was first intended.

My friends, I was limited to a minute and I talk fast, but so many Christians have sold their souls on this issue - just like they have sold their souls on sexual morality, molecules to man evolution, overpopulation hysteria, climate change and any other issue du jour.   WHY?  We are supposed to stand for truth!  Do you believe in absolute truth or do you think everything is relative? God believes in absolute truth and so do I.  We must stand for it or we will be relegated to the dustbin of history and the dustbin of God which is worse!  The Jesus said the whole world will hate us because of him.  It is happening now.  Are your knees shaking or are you asking God to help you through this trial UNCOMPROMISED and standing tall for our Lord who sacrificed EVERYTHING for us?

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


True and False Disciples (from Matthew 7:21 ff)
21“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Saying “LORD, LORD” isn't enough. YOU HAVE TO DO THE WILL OF THE FATHER. So many who act like over-the-top Christians are opposing the will of the Father at every turn and I fear for them.  22 Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ Many will show the marks on their belts of prophecy,. Exorcisms, and miracles. MANY. That is a WHOLE LOT. 23 Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’ Jesus will say he never knew them and for them to get lost!

One CANNOT keep disobeying God's word, reviling authority, and calling evil good and good evil and come into his kingdom. They would be a misfit. They do not belong. His kingdom will be one of peace. Those who cause trouble in the church would cause trouble in heaven. The Father cast Satan and a third of the angels out. Why would anyone think Ihe would welcome troublemakers into his eternal kingdom? People who do not believe his word? People who do not obey him? People who do not love what he loves? People who reject the leaders he has chosen? People who love and adore leaders God has outright rejected? Our Father in heaven is a logical God and he does what makes sense. That will surely hit the rebels hard.

Sunday, May 7, 2017


Many are stunned at how fast not only the country, but the church is crumbling.  I believe a lot of it has to do with foundations. In terms of the country, the foundation is the Constitution and the need for a spiritual and moral people in the nation to make it work.  In terms of the church, it is Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible, and the need for a spiritual, moral, and obedient people under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  No other foundation can be laid other than Jesus Christ.

I believe I am uniquely qualified to comment on this matter.  I am an architect celebrating our 38th year of ownership of my own firm and a Christian evangelist with over 62 years of unqualified faith in Jesus Christ.  I know about both physical and spiritual foundations.

In my work, we always spend a lot of effort to be sure the foundation is right – the best looking building will not withstand all the forces of nature forever without a sound foundation.  The operative word is FOREVER.  It will stand for a while.  I am working today on a house built in 1934 where the stone foundation moved.  Masonry buttresses and eight starbolts were required to stabilize it.  It is near a 400 foot drop-off into Wissahickon Creek in Philadelphia.  The ground can move beneath you over time, and you need to account for it in the beginning.  Buildings are designed to withstand wind, snow, earth movements, and much more.  In Buffalo, New York, they just got about six feet of snow with two more feet coming soon. Roofs have to be designed to hold a lot of snow, and foundations have to be designed to withstand deep frost. Winds are about the same as here though, and earthquake design is not as critical as in California or parts of the Midwest, for instance.  Buffalo does not get six foot storms all the time, though I remember they have 102” (8’-6”) when I was in college many moons ago.  If you designed a roof there the same as here, it would be OK the vast majority of the time, but it would fail under conditions they have now – conditions we never see here.

Foundations often do not crack right away – sometimes the loading changes, sometimes the ground shifts, and other times there are simply problems with the materials or the way they are connected.

Our nation was founded with the assumption people would be self-governing and have a moral compass.  The Bible was the basis for so many of our founding principles, and you can see scripture emblazoned on key buildings throughout our nation to this day despite the concerted efforts of a few remove all reminders of our foundation.

The spiritual foundations and the perilous state of the church is what concerns me even more.  I understand a country that spends far more time on banal if not evil entertainment than on spiritual development will fail.    Oops!  Did I say “country” or “church”?  Yeah, I said “country” but I could just as easily have said “church”.

I constantly hear evangelical Christians betray themselves.  They have spent precious little time studying the scriptures in order to make them wise to salvation. Instead, Christian music, Christian comics, Christian dinners, Christian “fellowship”, Christian car shows, Christian sports nights, and much more are what consume the lion’s share of their time.  Now I have nothing against ANY of those things per se – however, when you eat only desserts you get fat and out of shape and unable to run out of trouble.  You need to be conditioned by the word and beat your body into subjection if you are going to win the race.

It started out with “situational ethics”.  Canards such as lying to the Nazis to protect Jews were used to promote a system where there is no absolute right and wrong – NO moral absolutes.  People started living together outside of marriage once the stigma started to subside. And on and on.

Secularists attacked the Bible with fanciful tales of Darwinian thought and Christians compromised.  They started with the gap theory, theistic evolution, and worse, which any person who actually studies the Bible could debunk in fewer than five minutes.

They painted pictures of God being unfair to us.  If God were unfair to anyone, it would have been to Jesus – the innocent Son of God dying for the sins of the world!  Instead, they hem and haw about whether the unsaved are going to hell.   Trust, me, they are going to hell.  “There is no other name under heaven…”  “Neither is their salvation in any other…”     God the Father would never have sent Jesus Christ to die if there were ANY other way to be saved.

Without a Biblical revelation of who Jesus is, one will accept the world’s version of who Jesus is.  A platonic and naïve teacher who was kind and gentle, out of step with the politics of the day and who never said a word about homosexuals one way or the other. Perhaps to be compared to Mohammed and Buddha and Krishna, but not the Son of God or anyone worthy of total devotion.  Just another way to order ones life to please the man or force or whatever upstairs.

Nothing could be further from the truth.   Jesus was an intellectual giant at 12 and no one could ever win an argument with him.  He cleared out a whole marketplace while 12 strong men looked on taking notes. He could control nature, spiritual forces, and remote sickness.   No one else even comes remotely close because Jesus Christ is God in the flesh and is the foundation for our faith.   All we need to know is written in the Bible, which is 100% accurate not only as a spiritual tome, but in terms of history, economics, astronomy, geology, biology, anthropology, psychology, prophecy, and in all moral matters.

The problem is that people do not read the Bible, let alone study it or obey it.  I have produced over 1,250 radio shows and any number of people have called in with major issues.  In the vast majority of cases, they are not in a regular program of Bible Study and they do not pray much at all.  They usually went to church, but the word is so compromised most places, and without real power in others, their lives were dysfunctional in terms of being warriors in the kingdom of God.  

The ignoring of the scriptures, the failure of pastors to preach with authority and passion which has yielded weak Christians, and the luke-warm attitude of people has disabled them from being effective in the current war for men’s souls.

Understand that people WILL believe something.  Over 50% of evangelicals now say there are other ways to God than through Jesus Christ.  The BIGGEST lie ever told by the devil.   If you want to find Fargo, North Dakota, you cannot head in any direction and get there.  You need good maps or an up-to-date GPS or you will never get there.  How can anyone think they can go any direction they want and find God?  We have to follow his precise directions or we will be lost.  “Narrow is the way that leads to eternal life!”   I wrote a tract on this – the cover illustration was a wide divided highway with many exits and only a narrow lane at the end going to our desired destination.  Some people get off in not believing the Bible.  Others with secular ideas. Still others not willing to obey the Lord.  It is not easy to get to heaven, but if we follow the Lord, we will surely get there because it is due to his righteousness, not ours.  We simply have to trust and obey him and follow him wherever he goes.

My friends, I was considering joining a church over thirty years ago that later became very successful. I went to the initial meeting where there were 40 people who became charter members.   I enquired of the Lord about it and he showed me four cracks in their foundational principles. Most people would have ignored those.  In fact, everyone else in the room either did not recognize them or ignored those tell-tale warning signs. That was it for me.  I maintained friendship to the degree I could, and did some work for them, but like a drumbeat I heard more and more what would seem to most like relatively minor but very persistent deviations from scripture.  Then one time when I visited the pastor spoke about abortion, homosexuality, and marijuana use in absurd ways, still adored by his congregation because they were following a man instead of God.  There are people there today telling unbelievable lies and hating people like me who stand on the Word of God once delivered to the saints.

Unfortunately, many of the big-name ministries you see on TV have cracked foundations. They accept the ways of man rather than the ways of God.  They have compromised in many ways, sometimes in even shocking ways.  If God’s people were thoroughly equipped, they would have withdrawn support long ago, but because these men and women appeal to the lusts of the flesh, money, and the pride of life, they are flourishing financially.  Some people post spiritual nonsense they hear from them on Facebook  taking umbrage if you point out the unscriptural nature of just about everything they say.

People of God, do not tolerate apostasy.  Do not build on cracked foundations.  Get into the word and be taught by people who actually BELIEVE the Bible – not by people who come from seminaries where the Bible is parsed and mocked and ignored.  Plunge yourself into a life with God.  Pray at length every day and get to know God and ask for the spiritual gift of discernment so you can separate truth from error. Ours minds have to be renewed constantly and we must possess the mind of Christ.  The world will grind us down, but if we are continually being filled with the Holy Spirit and renewed in our minds, we will be able to do wonders.  I do not believe we have much time left – do not be a virgin without oil.  Do not be a rich young tithing ruler unwilling to give God what he really wants.  Do not be a Laodicean whom Jesus want to vomit out.   Be a follower and brother of Jesus Christ. Be one of those he will proudly plant a crown on.  Be one Jesus will acknowledge  before the Father. Exalt Christ, defend Christ, support Christ.  Speak what Christ speaks, Do what Christ does. Acts like Christ acts.

May God bless you!