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Saturday, September 22, 2018


It has been dominating the news.  It has dominated some people's lives.  The thing to remember is the devil accuses but God convicts.  God is NOT the accuser of the brethren, but the hound of heaven will not give you peace when he is on your trail.  What is the difference?

The conviction of God the sense of absolute sorrow and a recognition we are in sin and not doing the right thing.  With conviction comes the strength to change and be conformed to the character of Christ.

The accusation of Satan is intended to destroy you - to increase anomie, hopelessness, and condemnation.  Jesus did not come into he world to condemn the world, but that the world through him might be saved - John 3:17.

Accusations in the news today are rampant - the big issue is separating fact from fiction.  There are literally oceans of false accusations - they are made for the sake of money, politics, or perverse psychological manipulations.

the Bible tells us how to handle an accusation in terms of going to the person to seek to resolve it - then with others, then the church.  For the unbeliever, there is the judicial system.  We are not receive an accusation against a leader except there be two or three witnesses.  Uncorroborated accusations are not legitimate per the Bible.  The 'he said, she said" conundrum should not be the case - if there is no DNA evidence, no contemporaneous complaint, no fresh investigation when memories and evidence are at their best, it is simply unproductive and unfair to make an accusation way down the road.  Many lives have been ruined by accusations which cannot be proven or disproven.  It is almost impossible to prove a negative, especially is the complaint is vague.

I am not saying to overlook a serious offense - we are to overlook the minor ones.  If a major one occurs, it must be reported and dealt with so it will not continue.  Most people who do evil do it repeatedly.  They do not stop at once, especially if not caught.  We want peace and justice, and we want to be very careful before making an accusation, especially one we know is unprovable.

On the other hand, be quick to respond to the conviction of the Holy Spirit.  Make the changes needed ad ask the Lord to conform you to HIS character through the power of His Holy Spirit.


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