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Saturday, October 3, 2020


 Joshua's fame spread far and wide after Jericho. YET, in the very next chapter after Achan sinned, God say he would withdraw from Joshua if he did not deal with the sin. My friends, so many pastor have sin in their churches and they are defeated in their witness. God holds the pastors responsible, and it they do not deal with the sinners in the way God directs, God will withdraw his favor from the pastors. God is for real. He is not milquetoast or namby-pamby. He is a holy God - look what Jesus did with the money-changers in the temple? Those who exploit God's people should be utterly CAST from the church! God's House is holy and it is s place of fellowship, healing, and deliverance, not a house of merchandize or psychiatric mumbo-jumbo. Pastors, toughen up and do the job God entrusted you with!