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Monday, May 27, 2019


Today is Memorial Day and we honor those who gave their lives fighting for their country. I also want to honor all who have given their lives for the sake of God and the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. This happened in the Old Testament with Isaiah being sawn in two and so many killings of the prophets who told God's truth. Then Jesus died because of jealousy and rage about the truth of God he preached, followed by James, Stephen, and millions of others. It was reported that close to 100,000 Christians were killed last year alone. People are burned alive In their homes and churches, decapitated, and slaughtered. Yet many are either ignorant of the fact or actually vote for politicians who actively persecute Christians in the US and Canada. MILLIONS of Christians are voting to persecute Christ and they become demonically furious when you call them on it.  

Every Mosque should be under surveillance, as Islamic children in the US and Canada are singing about decapitations. As a group there is only one place they would earn those songs. Many Christians in Islamic and atheistic countries are dying now for their faith because they did not fight for truth when there was opportunity. Now the die is cast in those nations, We need to remember that freedom is not free, and we need to fight a legal, PR, and marketplace war against these debilitating forces from hell or we will pay a steep price in the much too near future. Honor are soldiers and be a soldier of the cross yourself. God bless you.

Monday, May 20, 2019


A well-known pastor stepped down for moral failure. Uoke, HOW MANY times have we heard this?   How many times SHOULD we have heard it but it was covered u by leaders more interested n the reputation of their organizations than the scriptural injunction "without holiness, no man shall see God"?  
I will omit the identifying information. "xyz church" is a west-coast megachurch that doesn't make a big deal out of family values, etc. Its recipe for growth involves a certain tolerance for diversity, both ethnic and political. For example, the church does not take political positions on issues such as gay marriage or abortion, because they can be "incredibly divisive," explained assistant pastor "abc." How ignorant of God can one be???
The fact is that the pastor preached on David and seemed to be pointing at himself some time ago. Ignored was the homosexuality of his pastor father which was covered up by that church. Christians are quicker to forgive pastors of sin than everyone else, but do not understand holiness. They also do not understand the difference between being sorry when one is caught and being convicted by God that they were wrong all along period.  Coverups are not just in the Catholic Church. Evangelical churches have MUCH to answer for. 
As one ex-member said - they did not preach against sin. They preached to keep the institution together, per the assistant pastor quoted above.  Churches all over are a mixed multitude - there are true Christ-lovers, and there are those who support enthusiastically the enemies of our faith and our souls.  I find that the latter are very difficult to deal with, and  I have failed to confront them as I should.  I am speaking to myself here are all as to you - we must not be afraid to come out from among them and be separate.  We must defend the truth at ALL COSTS.  It must be done as compassionately as possible, but without compromise.  We must be salted or how shall the people be salted???
It is too bad about this pastor and his fall.  A personal tragedy may have been avoided had he not lived and preached in such a compromised atmosphere. Christians really need to have their heads, hearts, and spirits examined and they need to withdraw themselves, their resources, and all other support from "churches" where the truth has been compromised.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019


What really bothers me is that churches are organized the way they feel like, not per the Bible.  Here are some salient issues:

1) The Bible says ELDERS are appointed in each congregation, and it gives requirements for those.
Husband of one wife (a man), not given to the love of money (precludes the health/wealth people), hospitable - enjoys having people over and serving them (not being waiting on hand and foot themselves as royalty), able to teach, and beyond reproach in the world.    I know ONE church that actually runs credit reports and gets a reference from the employer before one can be appointed regardless of his "spiritual chops".  Some churches have lots of pastors but no elders, others have directors but not elders, still others have women ruling over men.  Oh boy.

2) The Bible days DEACONS are to serve.  They are not the puppeteers controlling the pastor.  They are servants and do whatever is required for the church to run smoothly and the people to be ministered to.

3) The Pastor is really a Senior Elder - he is not the Mr. Everything.  He is the primary teacher, but submits one to another among the elders so there is unity.

4) The Congregation is supposed to be ACTIVE, not passive.  I Corinthians 14 described how the Gifts of th Holy Spirit need to be present and exercise by ALL who come EVERY TIME they gather.
Most churches choreograph their services - there is no room for the Congregants except to sing along,
give money, and listen.

Oh, how I long for a church that would actually DO what the Bible says.  Are your longings the same?