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Thursday, December 7, 2017


No surprise here - the young are often Biblically illiterate and have been ill-equipped to fight the left-wing indoctrination and false ideas of what social justice really is. From the emergent and missional churches to mainstream feel-good preaching that ignores sin, hell, and the grave, core beliefs on a host of issues have been weak for some time. 

So called Christian colleges have jettison core Biblical truths for political correctness. Many have
professors who are wolves in sheep's clothing who are deeply compromised. Most I would not trust with kid anymore.  

Without a deep personal relationship with Christ, daily Bible Study, and an intensive prayer life, Barna polls have consistently shown that most of who call themselves Christians cannot even half define what that means, and this is not limited to the young, but is more prevalent among them. Churches are losing members and losing intensity because the love of many is growing cold. If you are not intensely involved with the Lord every day, repent and get there or you will be in this number as well.


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