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Saturday, December 5, 2015


I wrote this in November, 2006.  Now with an increasingly apostate church, weak Christianity, and diabolical political leaders both here and abroad, the times are even more serious.  I am posting this now nine years later.   We still have a whole lot of work to do.


Why should we be surprised?  Absolutely EVERYTHING the Bible prohibits is celebrated by the harlot churches both Protestant and Catholic...

THE BIBLE - No repetitive prayers
The Catholic Harlot - Our Father, Hail Mary, etc.

THE BIBLE - No use of the word FATHER for human religious teachers
 The Catholic Harlot - Every parish has  "Fathers" and Rome has "the Holy Father"

THE BIBLE - No prohibition of marriage
The Catholic Harlot - You can't marry if you REALLY want to serve God.

THE BIBLE - No mediator except Christ
The Catholic Harlot - Pray to saints, Mary, et al

THE BIBLE - No man-made rules.  Only what is in the Bible
The Legalistic Harlot - Man-made rules for everything under heaven and ignore the Bible rules people don't like, such as prohibitions on partiality, greed, and gossiping

THE BIBLE - Homosexuality is an abomination and worthy of painful death
The Liberal Harlot - God celebrates diversity - in fact, Jesus was gay.

THE BIBLE  - No fornication or adultery
The Liberal Harlot - Are you kidding?

THE BIBLE - All scripture is given by inspiration of God
The Liberal Harlot - We will go by the Jesus Seminar's vote on what is authentic.

THE BIBLE - All life is sacred and God knits babies in the womb.
The Liberal Harlot - The Liberal Harlot - God makes mistakes man is obliged to fix.

THE BIBLE - The righteous must plead the cause of the powerless.
The Liberal Harlot - Disabled babies should be left to die, particularly if their parents are too poor to pay for their outrageous medical bills.

THE BIBLE - It is harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God than for a camel to go through the eye of the needle.  It is the rich who afflict you and take you to court, not the poor.
 The Word-Faith Harlot - Rich folks make the best Christians.

THE BIBLE -  You cannot serve God and mammon.
The Word-Faith Harlot  - You serve God BY serving mammon. God LOVES mammon, and if you have a lot of it, it is a sign of God's highest approval.

THE BIBLE - The Son of Man does not have a place to lay his head.  He needed to find money in a fish to pay his taxes.
 The Word-Faith Harlot -  Jesus wore designer clothes and was rich, rich, rich.

THE BIBLE - The faithful are sore afflicted,  Paul often was reduced to nothing.
The Word-Faith Harlot - The SuperApostles from 2 Corinthians have been resurrected. And some of them are women, praise God!

THE BIBLE - Women should learn in quietness and not rule over men or teach men.
The Post-Biblical Evangelical - The sign of the end is God's mighty anointing on women in the pulpit.

THE BIBLE - Women MUST submit to their husbands and husbands should rule the home.
The Post-Biblical Evangelical - Husbands and wives should share equally in everything. If they remain at loggerheads long enough, the husband can make the decision, but he is to make it in deference to his wife since he is to give himself up for her just like Jesus gives in to us and follows our will instead of his own.

THE BIBLE  - Tongues and prophecy were present at the birth of the church and just about whenever God moves.  God said through Paul he wished we all spoke in tongues.
The Post-Biblical Pentecostal - Tongues and prophecy are OK in small meetings but inappropriate in Church so as not to offend anyone and aren't really necessary anyhow.

THE BIBLE - Whoever will not bear my cross cannot be my disciple.
The Post-Biblical Pentecostal - We pay a few big bucks for others to bear the cross and make it optional for everyone else.  The big thing is worship - and be sure to do it YOUR way in a manner that appeals to you and satisfies your emotions.

Sobering, huh?  And  this is just the tip of the iceberg.
My Friends, we must go by the Bible –
All  other ground is indeed SINKING  SAND.