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Thursday, September 24, 2015


If you never watched Evolution vs. God, you do not know how fragile evolutionary myth really is. 
So many college grads have been so deeply indoctrinated in the concept, they are vicious to all who refuse to deny God and accept their belief system.  Dr. Carson has been vilified by these haters because he is a preeminent neurosurgeon who calls them on their beliefs.   No one seemed to care until he decided to run for president.  Whether or not you like him as a candidate, you have to admire his courage, because surely he knew the barrage of belittlement and hate that woud cascade against him.
I highly recommend Ray Comfort's move, Evolution vs. God.  Major university people could not defend it against the most elementary objections. No one including Carson disputes changes that evolutionists use to start their arguments. However, the leap to an atheistic molecules to man hypothesis has zero proof at all and I for one am glad he is speaking up. I went to a lecture by the former head of the Washington U School of Medicine who correctly said that a belief in evolution has absolutelty nothing to do with the practice of medicine. I have two degrees from Rensselaer, a scientific university, and an Orthodox Jewish professor had a major financial award for anyone who could prove the world was older than about 5,730 years old (that was 46 Rosh Hashanas ago). It went unawarded because even that bedrock assumption of evolutionists CANNOT be proven. It is simply a war against God and the scriptures, and after 150 years of a lack of success in proving it, it is time to put it on the shelf for a while and pursue applied science to make our lives better rather than indoctrinate heads full of mush on an unpioven hypothesis that violates reason, probability, science, AND the word of God.
The movie deftly moves into the RESULTS of believing evolutionary ideas.  Look it up - you will not be disappointed.