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Sunday, May 12, 2024


 Please note that the post I originally wrote on the prayer needs of the church and nation was censored and actually deleted by Google. 1984 has come to full fruition. We try again.

Prayer is desperately needed for the tough issues facing the church and our nation. For too long, people have been passive and accepted more and more of that which is unacceptable to God.

Christian TV has massive numbers of teachers who have departed from the scriptures on key issues and they have exported that to other nations. This has seeped down into local churches as well which parrot those they have watched. Some decry the bad influence on Christians this has caused, but the damage to Christian witness in the eyes of the world is extensive. People figure Christians are materialistic and narcissistic, abusing people with false promises.  I have personal experience dealing with people who swear by those who have been proven to not be true followers of the gospel delivered to the saints. They will accuse you, slander you, and continue in idolatry to personalities who tell their itching ears what they want to hear.  They gravitate not just to one but to many, and spread their deceptions like wildfire in a parched area.

Jesus, Paul, Peter, John, and Jude all came down hard on those and encouraged Christians not to follow them or tolerate their practices, and gave warnings on that would happen to those leaders t the judgment. Yet many who claim to be true and who oppose false beliefs are too often vague and do not want to deal with those in their churches who "supplement" what they are teaching with contrary doctrines alien to the word of God.  THIS REQUIRES OCEANS OF PRAYER.

The same can be said about the affairs of the nation. Politicians lie and triangulate endlessly and people say to always avoid talking about politics.  Well, politics affects our spiritual lives and our physical lives, so I encourage you to seek out the truth and follow it. By all means, bathe every issue in earnest prayer.