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A "Tentmaking Evangelist" credentialed as a licensed minister (Anchor Bay Evangelistic Association - non-denominational). Co-Founder of Kingdom Gospel Ministries, Inc., founded 1985, with a mission to reconcile people of different racial, ethnic, educational, and economic situations. Currently produces three weekly radio programs - edgy dramas, Sunday morning verse-by-verse Bible expository preaching, and messages derived from current events. He has archived many radio programs and written articles on the Internet and preached at numerous churches. A PA/NJ Architect with his own practice begun in 1979, working on a wide variety of projects including churches, academies, convenience stores, residences and more. Helped in property acquisitions and worked with real estate investors. Acutely interested in politics since a teenager with many articles published over the years as well as a long-running political blog. Was an invited writer for Community Voices in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Guest on a Talk Radio show discussing race relations and on "It's Your Call", a TV show with Lynn Doyle dealing with the subject of interethnic marriage.

Saturday, July 29, 2023


SO MANY PEOPLE  do not really know their neighbors - perhaps by sight, with a wave, or "How about this weather?" Yet Jesus commanded us to love our neighbors as ourselves.  What does that entail?  Check out my video message on Mark 12:29-31 to find out how we can better love God first, and then our neighbors.  Just go to, scroll down until you see the small box with Facebook written in it on the left side, and tap it.  The messages you see are latest first - scroll down to July 30, 2023.  Your comments are welcome!  God bless.


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