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Saturday, October 1, 2022


SO MANY CHRISTIANS do not think the fear of God is a fashionable thing to talk about. They ignore it if not outright despising it.  WHAT ARE THE CONSEQUENCES OF THIS?

Wholesale deception is one by preaching in opposition to the clear, unadulterated Word of God. They layer their own agenda on the scriptures - feminism, social justice, gender fluidity, partisan politics, personal ambitions - you name it.  In the process they totally ignore CRYSTAL CLEAR scripture and twist others beyond recognition.  It is an abomination before God and is getting so common it is truly scary.

I have been reading Francine Rivers on the life of Aaron.  God wanted to wipe out the Israelites numerous times.  Sometimes it was 250, as the ground opened up to swallow Korah, his family, and his followers. Shortly after it was 14,700 who died of the plague. Why God is allowing all these rebels to live in 2022 is beyond me, but it must simply be his amazing mercy.

We need to be Bereans.  We need to check out even Pastors and teachers we love and admire.  Paul praised them for checking HIM out.  I tell my radio listeners to check ME out!  This is very serious business and we cannot show partiality by letting people we may like and admire slide when they butcher the Bible. We cannot support with our presence or our finances ANY who lead people astray with false teaching.  If God allows, we can try to reason with them, but generally that will not work - they have gotten to that point through ignoring God multiple times that they are set in their errors.  However, if someone simply slips, those who are spiritual should go to them in meekness, considering themselves, lest they also be tempted.

Submit to God, fear him, honor him, and by all means remember that those who teach are worthy of double honor but are also judged more strictly.  If you teach, make sure you have the Lord censor out anything and everything that is not in strict accordance with his Holy Word. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  Fear him and you will be wise indeed!


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