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Thursday, July 29, 2021


Many enjoyed the original and the remake of THE PARENT TRAP.  Twins can always be counted on for some good entertainment.

We are facing a new type of parent trap today though - the world, the flesh, and the devil are determined to put parents in a trap to keep them from their God-given responsibilities to their children.

While a parent has to sign for the school nurse to give their kid an aspirin, many states allow that same nurse to get your daughter to an abortion clinic without your knowledge or consent to murder the life growing within her.

In California, if your daughter was caught shoplifting and gets put in the pokey, they are allowed to put a "transgender" biological male in the same cell with her regardless of what she thinks and smile while they hand out condoms.  

Online predators love it when their clueless 14-year-old vixens type out PRW (parents are watching) or AITR (adult in the room) to hold their comments until they see "99" which means the parent is now gone.

The world LOVES to isolate children from parents - they teach them in school their parents are dumb, stupid, and out of it.  Seems the teachers who think telling first graders how to self-pleasure are the dumb, stupid, and out-of-it people.  California says parents are not allowed to stop them from their filthy, perverted indoctrination into the LGBTQetc agenda written in hell itself.

Parents, do not fall into their traps. If your child is near a bear trap and you see it, you will do anything to avoid that nasty device doing great damage to your child.  Yet many parents think going to church an hour or two a week can counter 35 hours of indoctrination.  It will not.   Send your child to a REPUTABLE Christian school, sign them up in a Charter Academy online, or homeschool them. I used to be a big public school advocate, but that was then, and this is now.  I would not send my children to the local public school PERIOD in 2021 if God pulled a Sarah on us and my wife and I with six grandchildren had a late-in-life pregnancy!

We must fight - not people, but principalities and powers and the rulers of darkness in this world who want to separate your children from YOU, from their FAITH, and from their God.  We are seeing a lot of people not watching the Olympics (including me) - some because of the shameful nonsense of the women's soccer team and the inept Men's Basketball team, but others because they think those athletes who actually love their country are "too patriotic".  Your children are being conditioned by Satan's children to hate their parents, hate their country, hate, their God, and hate all that is good and righteous.  Millennials who claim to be Christians often LIVE TOGETHER with no conscience outside of marriage.  On Christian Mingle, a majority say they see no issue with sex before marriage.  That was a generation ago.  Do you have any idea what those in grade school will be like with a whopping pagan presence and an accelerated increase of wickedness.

My friends, do not fall into the traps of Satan.  Stand tall and bring your children into all truth. If you do not, kiss a wonderful eternity with God goodbye for them.