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Monday, July 13, 2020


My people, how long must I strive with you? How long will you accept the premises and arguments of those who utterly despise my word? How long will other gospels - false gospels - be found in your libraries?  When will you stop watching men and women who pervert what my Spirit has clearly said?

A cable news commentator blasphemed me and said I admitted I was not perfect! What arrogance from a man who lies for a living.  Another on his same channel told people not to look to my Father!

These men are messengers of Satan yet some people who believe they are born-again Christians keep watching their channel! Are you with me or against me?  Do you understand why nations rise and fall? Do you understand why churches grow and then fade into nothingness? The key is faithfulness to me.

BLESSED IS THE NATION WHOSE GOD IS THE LORD.   When a nation rebuffs me, it is on borrowed time.

BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO KEEP MY WORD.  You see what happens to churches who do not maintain their proper relationship with me DESPITE some good that they do. Check out Revelation chapters two and three!

Be faithful! Never compromise my word! The Bible is your sole infallible guide to faith and practice.
You must build on Christ your rock.  ALL OTHER GROUND is sinking sand.