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Monday, January 21, 2019

MLK Day 2019

I have a dream - that Christians would accept those who proclaim the unvarnished truths of the gospel rather than grovel at the feet of orators who deny everything we believe. I have a dream - that Christians would study the Bible for themselves with great diligence, rather than accept watered down preaching and repeat out-of context memes that have no basis in reality. In countless churches, MLK Jr was extolled yesterday as a Christian, a prophet, and more. No one can remove the accomplishments of any person, nor should they, but the problem of Political Correctness has been building for a long time, one lie built on another. We are to be people of truth, and never change reality to coincide with a popular meme. The published Testimony in MLK Jr's own words indicated:
1) At the age of thirteen, he was convinced that Jesus Christ was not divine. His later papers at Stanford indicate he maintained this position through life.
2) He equated Jesus with Socrates, Ghandi, and others rather than with God the father.
3) He did not believe in the virgin birth or in the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ.
4) He treated the Biblical account of the Garden of Eden as a myth.
5) All his education was in apostate institutions.
6) He plagiarized many academic works and sermons, and was dishonest and extremely sinful in his personal life.
7) His political associations were dangerous to the security of the United States.
I am the only one working in the office today, with all nine others celebrating his birthday today. No other man has a holiday for himself alone, and I wish it were simply Civil Rights Day. The world refuses to even honor Jesus Christ the Son of God on Christmas, but has no problem honoring a mere man (and a deeply flawed man at that) today. I have a real problem with that but the world loves its own and lifts them up while disrespecting the only one due such honor.
I was the person of choice for years to give speeches on this holiday but I always tried to celebrate progress and the sacrifice of pioneers seeking a just society rather than to deify a deeply flawed man. It seems political correctness has supplanted truth, though, so I do bother anymore and cringe if someone repeats false memes. (Thankfully that did not happen in church yesterday.) Rather, I have sought to be fair and just and see all people reach their potential in Christ. I work with a broad diversity of clients and broadcast on the radio from country areas to urban gospel. We should concentrate on breaking down artificial barriers rather than unduly exalting human beings or lying about their belief systems to make us feel better. The truth sets people free, and I enjoy church every week where all types of people are represented and worship together. The Holy Spirit alone can accomplish what men and women fail to accomplish no matter how noble their aspirations may be.