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Sunday, May 7, 2017


Many are stunned at how fast not only the country, but the church is crumbling.  I believe a lot of it has to do with foundations. In terms of the country, the foundation is the Constitution and the need for a spiritual and moral people in the nation to make it work.  In terms of the church, it is Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible, and the need for a spiritual, moral, and obedient people under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  No other foundation can be laid other than Jesus Christ.

I believe I am uniquely qualified to comment on this matter.  I am an architect celebrating our 38th year of ownership of my own firm and a Christian evangelist with over 62 years of unqualified faith in Jesus Christ.  I know about both physical and spiritual foundations.

In my work, we always spend a lot of effort to be sure the foundation is right – the best looking building will not withstand all the forces of nature forever without a sound foundation.  The operative word is FOREVER.  It will stand for a while.  I am working today on a house built in 1934 where the stone foundation moved.  Masonry buttresses and eight starbolts were required to stabilize it.  It is near a 400 foot drop-off into Wissahickon Creek in Philadelphia.  The ground can move beneath you over time, and you need to account for it in the beginning.  Buildings are designed to withstand wind, snow, earth movements, and much more.  In Buffalo, New York, they just got about six feet of snow with two more feet coming soon. Roofs have to be designed to hold a lot of snow, and foundations have to be designed to withstand deep frost. Winds are about the same as here though, and earthquake design is not as critical as in California or parts of the Midwest, for instance.  Buffalo does not get six foot storms all the time, though I remember they have 102” (8’-6”) when I was in college many moons ago.  If you designed a roof there the same as here, it would be OK the vast majority of the time, but it would fail under conditions they have now – conditions we never see here.

Foundations often do not crack right away – sometimes the loading changes, sometimes the ground shifts, and other times there are simply problems with the materials or the way they are connected.

Our nation was founded with the assumption people would be self-governing and have a moral compass.  The Bible was the basis for so many of our founding principles, and you can see scripture emblazoned on key buildings throughout our nation to this day despite the concerted efforts of a few remove all reminders of our foundation.

The spiritual foundations and the perilous state of the church is what concerns me even more.  I understand a country that spends far more time on banal if not evil entertainment than on spiritual development will fail.    Oops!  Did I say “country” or “church”?  Yeah, I said “country” but I could just as easily have said “church”.

I constantly hear evangelical Christians betray themselves.  They have spent precious little time studying the scriptures in order to make them wise to salvation. Instead, Christian music, Christian comics, Christian dinners, Christian “fellowship”, Christian car shows, Christian sports nights, and much more are what consume the lion’s share of their time.  Now I have nothing against ANY of those things per se – however, when you eat only desserts you get fat and out of shape and unable to run out of trouble.  You need to be conditioned by the word and beat your body into subjection if you are going to win the race.

It started out with “situational ethics”.  Canards such as lying to the Nazis to protect Jews were used to promote a system where there is no absolute right and wrong – NO moral absolutes.  People started living together outside of marriage once the stigma started to subside. And on and on.

Secularists attacked the Bible with fanciful tales of Darwinian thought and Christians compromised.  They started with the gap theory, theistic evolution, and worse, which any person who actually studies the Bible could debunk in fewer than five minutes.

They painted pictures of God being unfair to us.  If God were unfair to anyone, it would have been to Jesus – the innocent Son of God dying for the sins of the world!  Instead, they hem and haw about whether the unsaved are going to hell.   Trust, me, they are going to hell.  “There is no other name under heaven…”  “Neither is their salvation in any other…”     God the Father would never have sent Jesus Christ to die if there were ANY other way to be saved.

Without a Biblical revelation of who Jesus is, one will accept the world’s version of who Jesus is.  A platonic and naïve teacher who was kind and gentle, out of step with the politics of the day and who never said a word about homosexuals one way or the other. Perhaps to be compared to Mohammed and Buddha and Krishna, but not the Son of God or anyone worthy of total devotion.  Just another way to order ones life to please the man or force or whatever upstairs.

Nothing could be further from the truth.   Jesus was an intellectual giant at 12 and no one could ever win an argument with him.  He cleared out a whole marketplace while 12 strong men looked on taking notes. He could control nature, spiritual forces, and remote sickness.   No one else even comes remotely close because Jesus Christ is God in the flesh and is the foundation for our faith.   All we need to know is written in the Bible, which is 100% accurate not only as a spiritual tome, but in terms of history, economics, astronomy, geology, biology, anthropology, psychology, prophecy, and in all moral matters.

The problem is that people do not read the Bible, let alone study it or obey it.  I have produced over 1,250 radio shows and any number of people have called in with major issues.  In the vast majority of cases, they are not in a regular program of Bible Study and they do not pray much at all.  They usually went to church, but the word is so compromised most places, and without real power in others, their lives were dysfunctional in terms of being warriors in the kingdom of God.  

The ignoring of the scriptures, the failure of pastors to preach with authority and passion which has yielded weak Christians, and the luke-warm attitude of people has disabled them from being effective in the current war for men’s souls.

Understand that people WILL believe something.  Over 50% of evangelicals now say there are other ways to God than through Jesus Christ.  The BIGGEST lie ever told by the devil.   If you want to find Fargo, North Dakota, you cannot head in any direction and get there.  You need good maps or an up-to-date GPS or you will never get there.  How can anyone think they can go any direction they want and find God?  We have to follow his precise directions or we will be lost.  “Narrow is the way that leads to eternal life!”   I wrote a tract on this – the cover illustration was a wide divided highway with many exits and only a narrow lane at the end going to our desired destination.  Some people get off in not believing the Bible.  Others with secular ideas. Still others not willing to obey the Lord.  It is not easy to get to heaven, but if we follow the Lord, we will surely get there because it is due to his righteousness, not ours.  We simply have to trust and obey him and follow him wherever he goes.

My friends, I was considering joining a church over thirty years ago that later became very successful. I went to the initial meeting where there were 40 people who became charter members.   I enquired of the Lord about it and he showed me four cracks in their foundational principles. Most people would have ignored those.  In fact, everyone else in the room either did not recognize them or ignored those tell-tale warning signs. That was it for me.  I maintained friendship to the degree I could, and did some work for them, but like a drumbeat I heard more and more what would seem to most like relatively minor but very persistent deviations from scripture.  Then one time when I visited the pastor spoke about abortion, homosexuality, and marijuana use in absurd ways, still adored by his congregation because they were following a man instead of God.  There are people there today telling unbelievable lies and hating people like me who stand on the Word of God once delivered to the saints.

Unfortunately, many of the big-name ministries you see on TV have cracked foundations. They accept the ways of man rather than the ways of God.  They have compromised in many ways, sometimes in even shocking ways.  If God’s people were thoroughly equipped, they would have withdrawn support long ago, but because these men and women appeal to the lusts of the flesh, money, and the pride of life, they are flourishing financially.  Some people post spiritual nonsense they hear from them on Facebook  taking umbrage if you point out the unscriptural nature of just about everything they say.

People of God, do not tolerate apostasy.  Do not build on cracked foundations.  Get into the word and be taught by people who actually BELIEVE the Bible – not by people who come from seminaries where the Bible is parsed and mocked and ignored.  Plunge yourself into a life with God.  Pray at length every day and get to know God and ask for the spiritual gift of discernment so you can separate truth from error. Ours minds have to be renewed constantly and we must possess the mind of Christ.  The world will grind us down, but if we are continually being filled with the Holy Spirit and renewed in our minds, we will be able to do wonders.  I do not believe we have much time left – do not be a virgin without oil.  Do not be a rich young tithing ruler unwilling to give God what he really wants.  Do not be a Laodicean whom Jesus want to vomit out.   Be a follower and brother of Jesus Christ. Be one of those he will proudly plant a crown on.  Be one Jesus will acknowledge  before the Father. Exalt Christ, defend Christ, support Christ.  Speak what Christ speaks, Do what Christ does. Acts like Christ acts.

May God bless you!


Expanding on the morning message I heard, we should aim to not be either Pharisees or Sadducees.  Pharisees ADD to the Word of God and end up making what they ADD more authoritative in their lives than the Bible.  The Pharisees honored their traditions and man-made rules about the Word of God.  Today's Pharisees have endless rules for dress or for giving, the health and wealth gospel, liberation theology, you name it.   The Sadducees SUBTRACT from the word of God. Today's Sadducees claim Genesis is an allegory instead of the narrative Jesus believed in and promoted, promote women into roles forbidden by scripture, emphasize the verses on love while subtracting those on judgment while teaching wider mercy and universalism ideas, ignoring the clear teaching of God's word.  Other Sadducees are cessationists denying the sorely needed gifts of the Holy Spirit or racists ignoring the book of James which puts partiality right up there with the more commonly mentioned sins.   It is best to simply take ALL of God's word as literally God speaking and neither ADD nor SUBTRACT from it in order not to be judged by God.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


I have been non-denominational for almost fifty years - by their nature denominations are corrupted.  Some have highlighted certain truths, such as the Assemblies of God, and I sadly know deeply compromised members of that very prideful denomination and this article celebrating their decision to be unscientific and Biblically illiterate shows that OFFICIALLY neither they nor their colleges can any longer be trusted at all - this was from over six years ago and by all accounts their position has hardened against the clear revelation of the Holy Spirit.  This article was written by enemies of the faith who gloat over yet another compromised denomination.  They clearly understand the progressive nature of compromise better than the AoG, and their snide comments about a flat earth shows their complete ignorance of the Bible and scientific history – the Bible in Isaiah said plainly the earth was a sphere while “real science” proclaimed a flat earth for centuries.  The same is true on a large set of scientific truths the Bible talked about long before “science” caught up with it. Remember that the Bible says that those who say there is no God are fools, and that is assuredly the truth. The faulty reasoning the AoG uses is appalling and also shows gross ignorance of the Bible as a whole and is scary indeed.

Assemblies of God Accepting Evolution?

THERE may be yet another Christian denomination that will soon be added to the National Center for Science Education’s list of Statements from Religious Organizations supporting evolution. This time it’s the Assemblies of God. According to Wikipedia they’re the “world’s largest Pentecostal body” with “57 to 60 million adherents worldwide” and they’re “the sixth largest international Christian group of denominations.” So this is big news. (It was once the denomination of Jimmy Swaggart.)

In a way, this is inevitable for any denomination that plans to have a significant continuity of existence, as there’s a limited future for any religion that blatantly denies the verifiable facts of reality. Just as virtually all denominations have accepted the once-heretical solar system (see the Galileo affair), so too they will almost all, sooner or later, accept the age of the earth, the universe, and the theory of evolution. The hold-outs will take their proper place alongside the Flat Earth Society.

The Assemblies of God have recently posted this statement at their website: The Doctrine of Creation (Adopted by the General Presbytery in session August 9-11, 2010). It’s a 4-page pdf file. Here are the relevant excerpts, with bold added by us:

The Bible makes no claim to be a scientific textbook, nor should it be understood as such.

Scripture focuses our attention not so much on the act of creation as on the Creator.

Genesis 1–3 accurately communicates God’s creation of the heavens and the earth. Using language that appears to employ both prose and poetry and that contains both literal and symbolic elements, the story is a simple yet beautiful and compelling narrative intended to speak to all humankind. The complexity of creation is such that humans will never fully comprehend it.

[…The advance of scientific research, particularly in the last few centuries, has raised many questions about the interpretation of the Genesis accounts of creation. In attempting to reconcile the Bible and the theories and conclusions of contemporary scientists, it should be remembered that the creation accounts do not give precise details as to how God went about His creative activity. Nor do these accounts provide us with complete chronologies that enable us to date with precision the time of the various stages of creation. Similarly, the findings of science are constantly expanding; the accepted theories of one generation are often revised in the next.

As a result, equally devout Christian believers have formed very different opinions about the age of the earth, the age of humankind, and the ways in which God went about the creative processes. Given the limited information available in Scripture, it does not seem wise to be overly dogmatic about any particular creation theory.

 [We urge all sincere and conscientious believers to adhere to what the Bible plainly teaches and to avoid divisiveness over debatable theories of creation.

That’s not as clear-cut as the statements of some other denominations, and for that reason some may dismiss this as being essentially meaningless. But we would disagree. These things take time, and doctrinal changes aren’t made easily. This statement is a very welcome change from this group’s past positions.

As might be expected, hard-core creationists are upset about this. See, for example, this rant by Ken Ham: A Sad Day for the Assemblies of God Denomination. Poor ol’ Hambo.

 (I would add that I very much admire Ken Ham and he understands the issue far more than the sadly growingly ignorant Christian populace - here is an article presenting his views that is more recent that the original post by skeptics.

Ken Ham: Assemblies of God Journal Takes a Dogmatic Position Against Those Who Insist on a Literal Genesis
by Brannon Howse  September 23, 2012
Published on September 22, 2012 in Current Issues in the World

Now of course I could understand the editor of the Assemblies of God Enrichment Journal and the hierarchy of the Assemblies of God denomination vehemently disagreeing with the heading of this blog post. But let me explain why I stand by it. At AiG, we take a dogmatic stand on marriage being that of one man and one woman (male and female), because that is obviously what the Bible teaches. Any other definition of marriage is unbiblical (and there are many Scriptures we have cited in articles to justify this; e.g., Matthew 19:4–7; Romans 1, and so on).

Now, there are people in the church that call us intolerant because of our stand on biblical marriage. They claim we are dogmatic and that we should be more tolerant and allow all views. But in making this statement they are being intolerant of our view, which, in essence, states that there is only one correct biblical view. And those that claim we are intolerant are very dogmatic about their intolerance of our view, which says that their view of allowing different positions is incorrect! [Please note: The example of marriage has nothing to do with the Assemblies of God denomination. This is just an example used to explain tolerance and intolerance.]
In other words, when it comes to claims on truth, there really is no such thing as a "neutral" position!
In this new issue of a journal from the Assemblies of God denomination, the editors have tried to be "neutral" in presenting different views of Genesis. I'm sure they see this as a balanced approach and believe they are showing tolerance in allowing different views.
However, we at Answers in Genesis believe there is only one correct view regarding how one takes Genesis-it must be taken as literal history (it is written as a historical narrative). And we must as God's people stand against the compromise of reinterpreting Genesis to fit in evolution and millions of years, which undermines biblical authority. We are often called intolerant for our stand. There are church leaders who claim they are tolerant in allowing different views regarding Genesis, but in doing so they are intolerant of the view AiG takes, which we adamantly insist is the correct biblical view.

So, in reality, in the journal of this denomination, by allowing different authors to present different views, by not coming out and clearly stating which is the correct view, and by not giving reasons why compromise views are in error, I submit that the journal is taking a dogmatic, intolerant stand against those who take the position we do at AiG.

And as we have said over and over again, it is the compromise of evolution and millions of years with Genesis. This is the Genesis 3 attack ("Did God Really Say?") that is undermining biblical authority in our day, and it is a great contributing factor as to why coming generations are leaving the church.

I submit that this journal would probably never take the same approach with the Resurrection or Virgin Birth. They wouldn't (I would hope) allow people with many different views about whether it was a real physical resurrection or real virgin birth give their opinions and let people make up their own minds! I'm sure they would want to point out error and stand on the authority of God's Word.
So I stand by my title to this blog post.

There is no doubt the church in our Western world is in a sad state. Many Christian leaders today just do not seem to understand the foundational importance of Genesis to the rest of Scripture and to the gospel. I recently learned that this fall 2012 issue of the Assemblies of God Enrichment Journal is themed around the "conflict" between what they see as religion and science-but what we would see as really a conflict between God's Word (the historical science of the Bible-the history in Genesis) and man's word (the historical science-belief-of the secularists concerning origins).

Of course, they try to act "neutrally" and present differing views, but what they end up communicating is that "neutrality" is better than standing on what God's Word clearly says in Genesis (and is confirmed throughout the Bible).

In one of the opening articles, Amos Yong, a professor of theology at Regent University in Virginia, writes about pastors who teach that there is only one acceptable view of the creation account in Genesis:
But [college- and university-educated members] do know there are a variety of views about scientific theories. A pastor's insistence that there is only one way to see things says to these members: "Leave your mind at the door before you come into church." This may not be the intended message, but it is implicit in the way pastors sometimes talk about the 7 days of creation when our audience has come to understand the ancient Hebrews did not interpret these as literally as we do. (Faith and Science: Friend or Foe?)

Thus, Yong confirms what I said earlier: he is intolerant of those who say there is only one view and dogmatically speaks against this position!

Aside from a series of articles arguing for various views on the age of the earth by Hugh Ross, Kurt Wise, and Davis Young, the issue is devoted to topics such as how to create a "safe haven" for youth to question beliefs. The author of that article writes that youth leaders should avoid advocating any views in particular-again an illustration that they are really intolerant of those who teach as we do at AiG that we must take Genesis as written and not compromise it in any way with man's historical science (beliefs about the past):
One way to get out of the line of fire is to avoid championing one view over another. Let the proponents of aposition share its strengths, and then have the detractors present the weaknesses of that position. (Preparing Young People for a Life of Faith)

The above statement (and a number of others like it in this journal) tells me that these authors do not value what Genesis has to say about the age of the earth more than they value the regularly changing opinions of men. If they're unwilling to teach what the Bible says about our origins and the age of the earth-and if they're willing to tell other leaders, the people who are in a position to teach and disciple believers, to remain supposedly "neutral" (which in reality is an intolerant and dogmatic position) and not teach a young earth (as the Bible clearly teaches)-then they are communicating to believers that what God's Word actually says is not important-and that God's Word can be reinterpreted to fit in man's fallible beliefs. Ironically, these authors think that remaining "neutral" means they aren't taking a stand, but in remaining neutral they are actually taking a stand against a straightforward reading of God's Word!

We have written many articles about the consequences of fitting the belief of millions of years into the Bible. Not only does this set the example that man's fallible beliefs can be in authority over the infallible Word of God, but it also contradicts the Bible's obvious teaching that death, disease, suffering, thorns, carnivory, etc. came after sin. For instance, read this article on the AiG website by Dr. Terry Mortenson, AiG–U.S., on the problems with death and suffering before the Fall.
Yong also makes the same assertion that many others have about Genesis, namely, that belief in a literal Genesis is a "second-tier issue":
Let us instead distinguish what is nonnegotiable, like the existence of God as Creator, from issues of second-tier import, and then allow our believing scientists and our faithful theologians to keep doing their work at this level. (Faith and Science: Friend or Foe?

But what should be being taught to people through these articles is that fallible man cannot take ideas outside of Scripture and reinterpret the clear words of Scripture to fit them in-this is the compromise that runs rampant in the church today.

Isaiah 2:22 tells us to stop trusting in man, and Psalm 118:8 states, "It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man."

God warns us in Proverbs 30:5–6, "Every word of God is pure; He is a shield to those who put their trust in Him. Do not add to His words, lest He rebuke you, and you be found a liar."
In my talks on the relevance of Genesis, I often use an illustration showing how the church mistakenly ignores these attacks on theWord of God, saying, "It's only a side issue. They aren't attacking the Cross." But what many of these churches fail to realize is that these attacks on Genesis are attacking the very foundation of the message of the Gospel-because they are attacks on the very Word of God itself. And it is from the Word of God that we get the gospel!

Ultimately there is no conflict between Scripture and observational (or operational) science. The conflict regarding origins is really one between the historical science of the Bible (the account of history in Genesis) and the historical science of the secularists (their account of supposed evolutionary millions of years history). Since the true history of our universe is recorded in the Bible, scientific research should confirm the authenticity and accuracy of the biblical text-and it does. When one introduces ideas that stem from an ungodly worldview (the anti-God religion of evolution or millions of years) into their thinking they are bound to reach faulty conclusions at odds with God's Word. So to make this fit with God's Word, sadly, they have to change (reinterpret) the Word of God. This means that God's Word is fallible and can't really be trusted-and the infinite Creator God could not even get the first part of the Bible right. So how can we trust the rest? Thus generations taught such compromise are put on a slippery slide of unbelief through the whole of Scripture resulting in them walking away from the church. This is what is happening before our very eyes in our culture today.

I encourage you to read Dr. Liz Mitchell's analysis of one the Enrichment Journal articles in today's News to Note (an article series featured each Saturday on the AiG website).
As believers, we have to take God at His word. There's a reason God asks Job, "Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Tell Me, if you have understanding" (Job 38:4).
As the Scripture states, "let God be true but every man a liar" (Romans 3:4).

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,