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Saturday, June 25, 2016


In prayer in the wee hours today, the Lord said:

Those who love me will follow me wherever I go.
They will rest on my every word.
They will respect the Lamb of God and
The words penned by my Holy Spirit.
Those who take my word lightly cannot be trusted
For their hearts are divided.

They love their own ideas of me more than me.
Those who really love me will let MY ideas be
Formed in their spirits and they will embrace those ideas
And follow through as I lead them step by step.

Sow to the Spirit and receive of the Spirit
And you will not go astray.

People will face me and say “I kept 90%,”
Believing themselves well above the curve.
I will say, “What about the other 10%?”
Did you live in a country where the Bible was not
Fully translated so you only had part of my word?
Were you blind so you could not read it?
Were you unable to get a CD of my word to listen to?
Were you deaf and could not hear?
Were you mentally challenged and could not understand?

Or was it because it was not politically correct enough
For you or you were personally offended by it?
Are you God or am I?
I did not hold anything back from you

So why are you holding back from me?


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