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John is a "Tentmaking Evangelist" (Architect). Licensed and set aside for ministry by the Anchor Bay Evangelistic Association (non-denominational). Co-Founder of Kingdom Gospel Ministries, a ministry now in its 36th year with a mission to reconcile people of different racial, ethnic, educational, and economic situations, and the producer of three weekly radio programs - a Sunday morning verse-by-verse Bible Study on Radio Delaware Valley, a weekly message from current events in California, and a weekly radio drama on the Wilkins Radio network. He also has archived many, many radio programs and written articles on the Internet. John is a PA/NJ Architect with his own practice in its 43rd year working on a wide variety of projects including churches, convenience stores, residences, and academies as well as industrial enterprises. He has helped in numerous property acquisitions and worked with real estate investors. Acutely interested in politics since a teenager with many articles published over the last 55 years, he served as a guest on a Talk Radio show discussing race relations and on "It's Your Call" TV show with Lynn Doyle dealing with the subject of interethnic marriage.

Sunday, April 17, 2016


So many entertain deception. Sometimes it stems from the lack of serious Bible Study or being in a weak church devoid of sound Bible teaching. Whatever the facilitator, a false doctrine gains a foothold. It gets fed by false teachers and other phoney-baloney doctrines grab hold like a nest of demons to take over progressively more of a person’s life. It becomes the most important thing to the person and they mention it is most every conversation and are totally closed to any other ideas. 

God always warns people like this – usually through a free person. If they repent, they can be delivered, but usually they harden their hearts. They feel superior even though they are hopelessly ignorant. They can be insufferable people. They do not fear God or obey him. They discount God's word by having private interpretations that favor their rebellion. These folks are in a very dangerous place because of the wickedness they do. 

If you are gung-ho on a belief almost no one else shares, beware. Seek out a seasoned man of God and present your idea to him and LISTEN to what he says. LISTEN for relevant scriptures and LISTEN to his heart. If you can be saved from deception, you are blessed.  Most are not, and perish in their sin.  Do NOT let that happen to you!