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Saturday, June 6, 2015


In so many venues of life, whether politics, church, neighborhood, or academia, the lack of manly input is astounding. People are acting like sheeple, afraid of their shadow. Afraid to tell the truth, afraid to stand on the authority of the scriptures, afraid to simply tell people when they are wrong and displeasing God.  Please say do not judge - yet there surely pass judgment when choosing friends, employees, or the one to marry.  We need to discriminate according to God's criteria or we will be in for a rough ride.

Paul urged Timothy, who was raised by two women to endure hardness and be a good soldier.  Nothing is much tougher than being a soldier, though there is a big-time move to feminize even the Army Rangers.  I had a college roommate who was an Army Ranger, and trust me, no woman could do what this guy could do.

The church has become feminized - it has become accepting of evil, wringing its hands but not showing the courage of those in Muslim lands who regardless of age or sex willing let their heads roll in order not to compromise one iota with God's truth.  We need to do that today.  The Bible IS the infallible Word of God. Marriage IS between one man and one woman.  God created us male and female and it is not in our authority to try to change that. God has one church, not many.  He does not have a white church, a black church, a Hispanic Church, an Indian Church and a Korean Church.

There will not be one place in heaven for traditional hymn worship, another for contemporary Christian, and another for gospel.  We need a whole new musical vocabulary to truly worship God and not simply adapt the world's expressions and direct them toward God. Men do because they do not understand that the mystery of the gospel is that we are all reconciled.  There is no Jew nor Greek, There are no class distinctions.  Men and women are equal in value.  In God's eyes, there are two races - the saved one - the royal priesthood - God's own possession, and there is everybody else.

We must as men be strong - let us proclaim the whole gospel without apology without stuttering, without blinking, and without compromise.   That is my heart.  Is it yours?   Please tell me so we can help each other.