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Sunday, December 2, 2012


It has become sadly apparent that the church has lost its way. It lets the world dictate to it. Ever see the book "UNCHRISTIAN"? It moans about Christians being perceived as anti-gay!   Well, we had better be anti-gay because GOD is.  Homosexuality is an abomination to God and it better be to us. We of course want to bring the gospel to everyone, but I am distressed at the books and accounts which call for Christians to sympathize with what is one of the devils strongest fronts in his war against God.

It goes far beyond homosexuality of course.  That is just one front.  Heterosexual Christians are engaging in premarital sex and in sexual perversions in the marriage bed.  One "Christian" source actually counseled Christian singles to maintain their virginity by saving oral and anal sex instead! Where on earth are the standards of holiness of God?  He is no spoilsport, but there are boundaries.

How about the more mundane things - money for example.  God tells us not to seek it, not to let it master us, and for real not to serve it.  Yet many of the most successful churches teach people that you CAN serve God and mammon - in fact, having mammon is a sign you are serving God!

The people today in the church have become essentially clones of those in the world.  IF one states a clear Biblical teaching or principle, there will be a tart rejoinder - "That is just YOUR opinion!" The standard of the word is ill-regarded by most who call themselves "born-again".   The Word says the World was created in six days and Jesus actually engraved it in stone on the tablets given to Moses when explaining the commandment on the Sabbath. There are numerous Christian organizations that teach the ideas of secular humanists who despise the word of God.

The Bible forbids women from exercising authority over a man, yet some denominations are flooded with female ministers and some of the most popular TV preachers are women. This extends to the home where it is considered Neanderthal for a man to be the head of his home. Decisions are supposed to be made jointly. Some teach the man breaks the tie if that occurs, but many don't even go there.  The vow of the wife to obey is omitted from wedding ceremonies.

No wonder people lose their way. Marriage is a picture of Christ and the church, and they reject HIS authority the same way they reject the husband's authority,  They put their ideas on par with Christ's. No wonder so much compromise has occurred.  I am familiar with a situation where the wife DID vow to obey, but she long since refuses to obey her husband.  She has wondered into a multiplicity of errors, a tragedy to that marriage.

We must be loyal to the word of God and we must follow what it says.  We must be submitted to Christ and to the authority that HE establishes in the earth.  When we don't, we surely lose our way.


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