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Friday, March 16, 2012


I have a baby grandson - Christian Daniel Teets is his name.  Born October 22nd.  We were babysitting for him for a while today and the Lord showed me a few spiritual applications.

We have a shortage of babies in this country right now,  People are postponing marriage and postponing children and having fewer children when they do.   Many European countries are not replacing their populations through childbirth, only through immigration.  Entire cultures will likely die out.

There are all kinds of babies being born worldwide, though.  People who value family and heritage and all are having kids like there is no tomorrow. 

Sort of like the contrast between Christians and non-Christians. So many Christians have never birthed or raised a "babe" in Christ their entire lives.  They live selfishly for themselves and live not to offend anyone.  They have missed out on the joy of seeing a new child of God brought into being through the word of their testimony.   Non-Christians, however, have no such shyness. Islam permeates societies to bring their babes into their faith.  Mormon men give two years of their lives.  Tonga is the most Mormon nation on earth.  Jehovah's Witnesses are out and about on weekends going door to door trying to birth new babes into their faith.  Secular humanists have turned just about every college and university into a maternity ward for their faith - not to mention the majority of churches. 

THERE IS NO MEDICAL REASON for a Christian to remain childless.  It is the most natural thing in the world.  We are the bride of Christ.  Aren't we supposed to bear children for Jesus?  It was his very last request - GO YE into all the world and make disciples of all men, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Ah, disciples.  You know, our little grandson Christian is a lot like Christians who have yet to be discipled.  When he wants something, he wants is NOW.  (Name it and claim it if he could speak!) The smallest things irritate him (the Lord says we are not to be easily offended).   He wants to be FED. (How many Christian do you hear complain "they aren't getting fed"?)   He soils himself and needs to be changed.  (How many folks do you know who still can't eliminate the dung in their lives without making a mess?)

It is one thing for a little baby!  He can't help it and before long he will say "self do it" and never look back.  This growth and change comes because of loving parents and family who are patient in the beginning but encourage maturity and moving on in life.  Unfortunately, we have Christians 12, 20, 30, 40, and even 70 years old who still cry to get attention, love to be held and coddled, insist on "being fed" and who still poop in their pants.  It isn't cute any more.  It is dysfunctional and a tragedy.  Those who should be birthing others are still fixated on being the center of attention. Rather than feeding others and shepherding the young, they want their every whim to be satisfied by their pastor with a total absence of any cross words or discipline.  No wonder Christianity is in Crisis (read my prior post).

We need to grow up in Christ my friends,  Real babies are cute.  Baby Hueys are not.  What are natural impulses in a baby are gross immaturities and embarrassments in us older folks. We were hopefully nourished by the sincere milk of the world, but we should be on meat now.  Christian is still on the breast and bottle.  He eats no meat.  But he will work his way up to it unless his parents become vegans.  How many Christians chew on the meat and pore over the scriptures and wrestle with the words that convict them of sin or command change in their lives?  Precious few.  How many pray not only for themselves and their little circle but intercede globally and for souls?   Precious few.

You see, a baby is centered on himself.  It is cute when he is a baby.  For an adult to be self-centered in an entirely different matter.  It is not about US.  It is about the WORLD.  As we grow, we are to become outward looking.   J-O-Y.     Jesus, others, you.  In that order.  Many believers are just as much into self-esteem as the lost world. They exalt themselves while demoting Christ.  Not a plan, my friends.  HE must increase, I must decrease.  That is what happens when we grow in Christ.  As his bride, we seek to please him. We do not live for ourselves, for our pleasures, for our dreams.  Rather, we ask Christ what his desires, his passions, and his dreams are, and we morph in his world. A spiritual world.    I have often said that it is easier to give up sin than it is to forsake good things for the better,  Jesus will ask you to give up GOOD things for his BEST things.  We need to trust him on this and seek to please him and NOT ourselves.

There is one thing a baby has we should never lose as we grow up.  That awesome pure, loving smile.
I LOVE to look in my grandson's eyes and see that clarity, that freedom from guilt and shame that comes when we grow up and do things displeasing to God.  Those clear eyes and unfeigned smile that is full of acceptance, that is pure joy, that is contagious.  So many baby Christians are walking on air when they first get saved.  The wear and tear of spiritual warfare, disappointments, and slip and falls can remove that joy that used to bless everyone who saw it.  We need to never grow away from that love and joy, and in fact Christ will renew it in us if we remain tender to him all the days of our lives.


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