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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


So often when people think of evolution, they think millions of years ago in accordance with the claims of secular scientists who follow Darwin. Some others, though, when they hear the word, think about how our society is evolving (or devolving in some cases). Things do change. No one denies that. In fact, Biblical creationists like myself have no problem with the idea of evolution in terms of change. If you go on Elfreth's Alley in Philadelphia, you will see proof that people used to be a lot shorter than they are now. Low doorways and short beds were fine for folks back then, but my 6'-3" frame demands more. 

Where we diverge from secular evolutionists is that we still have our marbles and reject the absurd idea of molecules-to-man evolution.  It simply is beyond credible, and if Christians had been the ones who came up with the idea, we would be laughed at a much as poor Pat Robertson was after he goofed and said that spouses of people with Alzheimer's disease could divorce their spouse to be with someone else. 

Alas, the world believes the absurd and then tries to be the thought police in banning all discussion of reasonable alternatives. Yet Christians unable to think independently and totally trust the Holy Spirit who wrote Genesis are more and more embracing “theistic evolution” on their own!  Have they ever considered what one thoughtful evolutionist said? He maintained that the evolutionary process was so wasteful, random, chaotic, and cruel that if God was in charge of it, he would not be kind of God that anyone would want to pray to!   I agree with that evolutionist in his assessment. God did NOT bring the world to be in such a fashion that is so opposite to his core attributes!   He created it quickly and lovingly and thoughtfully, totally in confluence with his character, just like the scriptures say.

Yes, things change and evolve – plants change, animals change, we change, but never into another kind and never apart from the watchful eyes of God. Natural selection happens, and happens a lot, but GOD numbers the hairs on our heads and notices if one tiny sparrow has a mishap. God made everything perfect and sin entered the world when man sinned and not even one minute - let alone millions of years - before!

We have seen simultaneously in our own culture and in other cultures evolution and devolution at the same time.  In the natural world, most mutations are not beneficial.  In the cultural and church worlds, it is shockingly similar. While there are greater sensitivities and genuine progress in some areas - such as labor saving devices, more leisure, less restriction on what a person can become, and wonderful Bible study aids and diversities of worship in the church, we also see a sea-change devolving of sexual mores, honesty, a willingness to sacrifice for others and the Lord, and many other areas.  People are viewing God more and more as their servant and not their master. They believe God has to make it pay for them to follow him. Despite the massive improvements in communication, the Internet, and cheap books, Christians study the Bible less and less, preferring to watch showmen on TV rather than getting to know God for themselves in intimate fashion. 

As a church, we seem to be devolving toward what is pictured in revelation - a church that has lost its love; a church that is proud of its wealth; a politically correct church that is neither hot nor cold; a church that follows miracle workers regardless of how true they are to Christ; a church that could raise $10 million for building more easily than $100,000 for missions.

So what are we doing?  Are WE evolving?  Are we developing more sensitivity to Christ?  More love for our neighbors? A heavier burden for the lost? A deeper devotion to Christ?  More conformed than ever to the character of Christ?  If so, hooray for that kind of evolution!   If you are devolving into a lukewarm state, barely distinguishable from the world, you need some "punctuated equilibrium", to borrow a term from the late Stephen J. Gould, Paleontologist at Harvard. You need to change so quickly it is totally amazing.  You know, funny you should think that - God has already said: "Those who are in Christ Jesus are new creatures. Old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new".  How is THAT for “punctuated equilibrium”?  Be sure to tell me how God did that for YOU!
Maybe we can also evolve to the glorious state you are now in!


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