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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I'd like to share a word with you that the Lord gave to me last month...

The Lord would surely say that the church needs to move beyond what religion is. The rituals of gatherings and fellowships and good times.  It has to include the sound teaching of the word, but must also include the equipping of the saints – the impartation of the power of God and the demonstration of the miracle power of Jesus Christ through us by the power of the Holy Spirit.   The church is still in its infancy in terms of being my body in the world.  Nonetheless I applaud those of you who have remained faithful to the word of God and who have not compromised with the spirit of this world – the spirit that now works in the children of disobedience. I want to build on that with close attention to doctrine so that there will be no man-originated doctrines or practices among you – adding to the word of God that which sounds good or that which is expedient for the finances of ministry. My word is really quite simple – to walk justly and humbly with your God, and to treat people the way I did.  If you have my Spirit fully in work in you, you WILL treat people the way I did – soft when soft is needed, hard when hard is needed, encouraging when encouragement is needed, and rebuke when rebuke is needed.  People you encounter need different touches, so learn of me how to respond to each and every person I bring into your life.  Most of all, learn how to accept the ways I deal with YOU, which may seem harsher than how I deal with others.  Every son I accept is scourged, and the Father allowed me to be scourged worse than them all.  Know that as you share in my suffering, you will become my closest brothers. You will not complain about any deprivation or any rejection. Rather, you will exalt my Father that you were considered worthy to suffer for my sake.  Be earnest in season and out and contend for the faith.  Do not look for the approval of men, but be fixated on being approved by the Father.  You will be approved as you are full of the grace and truth that I will lavish in your life through my Spirit.  Simply speak what I speak, and love how I love, and the doors that I want opened will open before you – as the automatic doors in a Supermarket – the doors will open as you approach because I have ordained your entrance into all I have prepared for you to do.


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