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Sunday, April 24, 2011


Date: Fri Dec 10 13:47:01 2010

One could say that all people have faith in something. They believe in all manner of religions. They believe in luck. They believe in people. They believe in themselves. They even believe in God.

But Faith in Jesus Christ is a gift. Mary had faith. Joseph had faith. The shepherds had faith. Simeon and Anna had faith. It did not originate from them ñ it was the gift of God. Soon after that first Christmas, the Wise Men came. They also had the gift of faith. But Herod did NOT have the gift of faith in Jesus. His hatred for competition including Jesus originated with him. He sought to kill Jesus and so did many others. But none were successful in taking Jesusí life. Instead, he offered himself up freely at the appointed time for our precious salvation.

Paul had faith in God, but like so many others, did not really know him at all. He had no real knowledge of God until he received the gift of faith from the very hands of God himself. Paulís new life changed the world. Yet many remained without that gift. They sought to kill him and in fact came close many times until they finally did ñ but only when God was ready for that to happen, and not even one single moment before.

Many today say they have faith. ìKeep the faith Babyî. ìGuidepostsî faith. ìReadersí Digestî faith. ìFoxholeî faith. Faith in positive thinking. Faith in themselves. Faith in religion. Faith in a man upstairs whom they believe occasionally makes them feel secure and fulfilled. But none of those types of faith is saving faith.

Now I belong to a company of faith who was given that gift of faith in Jesus Christ by God himself. It is not of ourselves, it is indeed the gift of God. We believe in him because he enabled us to. His word brought life. His word changed us. He gave us a new heart and a new mind. He has restored our bodies. He put the Holy Spirit within us. God has made himself manifest in us. Yet many hate that faith. They despise it and seek to remove it, to marginalize it, to trip it up. Some even kill all those with the audacity to be loyal to the Lord Jesus Christ. Those without the sword use the pen, the microphone, the camera, legislative initiatives, and words of indignity. At every challenge of life, Satan and his minions join our accusers and are at the ready to suggest we blame God and trash the precious gift of faith we have received.

But this IS indeed the season for faith. Not a Hallmark faith or a generic faith but a faith that moves mountains; a faith that changes lives; a faith that puts us in love with our precious Jesus Christ who has saved us, healed us, and made us his own. Tis the season to celebrate Godís wonderful gift of saving faith to us and to ask that he bestow that gift on others. We can help in the delivery of that gift! Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. The preached word raises saving faith in people just as saturation in the systems of the world raises false types of faith that do not and in fact can not save any person from any thing.

We can declare his excellencies. We can speak of so great a salvation. We can exalt the Lord. But will we? Priest or prophet, preacher or plasterer, neighbor or neophyte, family member or friend, let us all declare Godís truths in word, in conversation, and by example, so the glory of God can fill the whole earth this Christmas. Our faith looks up to you, Lord Jesus! We believe! Praise the Lord!


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