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Saturday, October 23, 2021


My response to a man who was trying to explain his conversion to Stoicism. Based upon your statements, it seems you never knew Christ. You were in a church of some kind, but the idea you were born a Christian is unbiblical. God has no grandchildren. I can say that because I have for over 65 years and none of your complaints is the slightest valid -
1) Obedience to God our Father was what Jesus did and is the only way to have fullness of life. Mindless submission as in Islam it is not - how can we presume to be wiser than our creator - those who obey him have a fullness of life - we are not slaves, but Sons and Daughters of the most high God.
2) You believe yourself more than Christ. The road to heaven is narrow, I everyone went there, it would not be heaven, it would be more like hell. WHy do people think those who rejected God would want to live with him and serve him forever? Further, why would JEsus have come to suffer and die if anybody could go to hevaen except through him? It is an absurdity, Your model is the outdated one.
3) Forbidden to ask questions? Ridiculous. We are the ones who ask the questions. In Christopher HItchens' book God is Not Great. he thinks he had slam dunks. I answered his most difficult one in five minutes. Most were recycled and answered over the last hundreds of years. The real problem is that sinners, like Democrat sheep, never ask the hard questions. There is an Intellectual Gullf, which is my semron topic next Sunday. Sinners refuse to consider the life of a distinct human being in the womb and run froim science. Sinners claim everything just happened - logically and mathematically impossible. They cling to failed models and are scared to ask the questions that should be asked. You condemn Christians for believing God and proven truths while turning to unproven hypotheses that change with the wind.
4) I haven't been to Africa, but my wife is black and I know Africans. The only good that has come to any country is through Christian influence. The problem is syncretism - mixing some Christian concepts with folk religion which is the real issue.
5) Your disregard for prayer is proof positive you know nothing about a relationship with God. Prayer is two way communication with him and I do that for quite some time every single say and have for over 65 years.
Your slander saying people read nothing else besides the Bible is ridiculous - I read 2 to 4 books every week PLUS the infallible scriptures every single day. I find Christians far more informed than those outside the faith.
To sum it up, following the ways that seem right to a man lead to death. Following Christ but knowing him and the joy of our salvation lead to a fulfilled life forever.

Thursday, October 21, 2021



Christianity Today wrote an article on empty pews - from 42% to 29% church attendance, and the numbers in the northeast are doubtless far lower.  The local soccer field church with packed parking lots look like where many young families prefer to be on Sundays.

WHAT SEEMS TO BE MISSING FROM THE ANALYSIS is the sad fact that so many churches are so compromised I would not go regularly to the vast majority of them myself - and I am a minister!

Reminds me of the joke of the man who did not want to get out of bed on Sunday morning to go to church,  His mother called him again and again but he turned over like a rusty hinge. Finally he blurted out - I do not want to go there - the people really get on my nerves.  Leave me alone!   His mother said softly, "Honey, you HAVE to go, you're the pastor!"

Most churches today have NOTHING of eternal value to offer. The love to talk about love but hate to talk about sin and responsibility.  They love to talk about "acceptance" but cringe if "holiness" is mentioned.

I have been a Christian for over 65 years and stand for the inalterable standards of the word of God.  I am a licensed minister and have preached in numerous denominational and non-denominational churches from Catholic (ecumenical service) to Baptist to AG to Apostolic to Third Wave to non-denominational, though I myself have been non-denominational for over 50 years.

In talking with other ministers, I find that many are into their job and non-ministerial Christians are often far more on top of the issues than "the professionals".  In fact, a Catholic Deacon at a gathering was bringing up how clueless some in his own hierarchy were and a priest nodded his head in ascent when I said the real issue is that many in ministry simply do not know Jesus. 

I am also a licensed architect working with people of many ethnicities, so I work full time as well as being an evangelist with three radio and Internet programs produced every week so am in the loop with what is going on in the world and a diversity of people. I also read a lot and am close to the pulse of what Christians are saying.  

I get endless theological papers from ACADEMIA - a social media site for academics, and what passes for scholarship is almost laughable in its illogical and absurd statements that would encourage a scribes and Pharisees style rebuke from Jesus were he listening. If these in seminaries ever get into churches, our church attendance would probably drop like a stone to resemble Europe's paltry rates.
Even in theologically conservative churches I have attended, which many people would think are over-the-top with Jesus, becoming a member is problematical, because there are compromises on basic Biblical Principles in key areas. Nonetheless, I preach where they will have me and do not change my message based on where I am.  

Where are the righteous? Where are the people who believe in the Lord and are intimate with him? We need each other, but many still looking for a fellowship which is truly in tune with the Lord and which refuses to compromise with clear teachings in the scripture - those fellowships are needles in a haystack, and many do not bother looking anymore...

Friday, October 8, 2021


 People like talking about doors.  God opened this door and closed another. Did you know that John 10 talks about going both ways through a door?   Sometimes God wants you to go through a door and sometimes he wants you to back out when he has something else in mind.  It has happened so many times in the scriptures.  God has certain amount of fluidity in his directions - he has times and seasons for us.  Some people have lost their lives because they went through a door at God's direction, but did not leave when it was time to go through another door he had prepared for them.

Of course, we are talking about ministries and life choices here - NOT leaving Jesus for some other so-called God. We are also not talking about compromising our faith in any way.  We are talking about how we live though.  Jesus had a house in Capernaum - it was used for God's glory.  Then he gave it up and went on the road and had to rely on others to provide a place for him to sleep - even on boats at times!  He could have thanked his Father for his house and said that was his Father's will and camped there. He did not.

Some evangelists who have a successful group of meetings will camp out there.  The Father had other plans for Jesus - in the midst of some of his biggest successes, the Father told him to leave and move on. He did.

We also have to know the ramifications of walking through any door.  Jesus certainly knew that when he participate in the triumphal entry after raising Lazarus from the dead.  He knew that welcoming door with palm branches and Hosannas would lead to the cross.  Yet he rotes through that open door and never looked back and we are the church today because he as resolute.

The same goes when people go through doors of compromise.  Satan comes ONLY to steal, to kill, and to destroy - no other reason.  When we go through the door of what seem like a little compromises, we are headed for spiritual ruin. Satan will not be satisfied until you are doing things you never dreamt you would ever do.  Avoid those doors.   The world has many.  Satan doesn't particularly care which one you go through as long as you go through ANY of the ones not opened by the old Jesus Christ.

My friends, he is the door - enter by him and ignore the others. It is the only way to please him and be his brother in Spirit and in reality.  Obey the Lord! Enjoy him! Don't look back.

Thursday, July 29, 2021


Many enjoyed the original and the remake of THE PARENT TRAP.  Twins can always be counted on for some good entertainment.

We are facing a new type of parent trap today though - the world, the flesh, and the devil are determined to put parents in a trap to keep them from their God-given responsibilities to their children.

While a parent has to sign for the school nurse to give their kid an aspirin, many states allow that same nurse to get your daughter to an abortion clinic without your knowledge or consent to murder the life growing within her.

In California, if your daughter was caught shoplifting and gets put in the pokey, they are allowed to put a "transgender" biological male in the same cell with her regardless of what she thinks and smile while they hand out condoms.  

Online predators love it when their clueless 14-year-old vixens type out PRW (parents are watching) or AITR (adult in the room) to hold their comments until they see "99" which means the parent is now gone.

The world LOVES to isolate children from parents - they teach them in school their parents are dumb, stupid, and out of it.  Seems the teachers who think telling first graders how to self-pleasure are the dumb, stupid, and out-of-it people.  California says parents are not allowed to stop them from their filthy, perverted indoctrination into the LGBTQetc agenda written in hell itself.

Parents, do not fall into their traps. If your child is near a bear trap and you see it, you will do anything to avoid that nasty device doing great damage to your child.  Yet many parents think going to church an hour or two a week can counter 35 hours of indoctrination.  It will not.   Send your child to a REPUTABLE Christian school, sign them up in a Charter Academy online, or homeschool them. I used to be a big public school advocate, but that was then, and this is now.  I would not send my children to the local public school PERIOD in 2021 if God pulled a Sarah on us and my wife and I with six grandchildren had a late-in-life pregnancy!

We must fight - not people, but principalities and powers and the rulers of darkness in this world who want to separate your children from YOU, from their FAITH, and from their God.  We are seeing a lot of people not watching the Olympics (including me) - some because of the shameful nonsense of the women's soccer team and the inept Men's Basketball team, but others because they think those athletes who actually love their country are "too patriotic".  Your children are being conditioned by Satan's children to hate their parents, hate their country, hate, their God, and hate all that is good and righteous.  Millennials who claim to be Christians often LIVE TOGETHER with no conscience outside of marriage.  On Christian Mingle, a majority say they see no issue with sex before marriage.  That was a generation ago.  Do you have any idea what those in grade school will be like with a whopping pagan presence and an accelerated increase of wickedness.

My friends, do not fall into the traps of Satan.  Stand tall and bring your children into all truth. If you do not, kiss a wonderful eternity with God goodbye for them.

Saturday, June 19, 2021


I love to read and have read about the Orphan trains of a hundred to a hundred forty years ago. Children without parents from Europe and America were put on trains and crossed the US and Canada where people took them in as their own. Child mortality was very high in the 1800's and many children died.  Children started to work on the farms very early and the work was not easy. Some parents welcomed the new children with open arms, but in too many cases, parents really wanted just another field hand or a maid and the emotional support and unconditional love these children desperately needed often went lacking.

Some children do not have an earthly father. Others do but he is not worth 2¢.  While all we like sheep have gone astray, everyone knows children with either no father or a poor father often get into even more trouble. The good news is that there is a Father for every child and every adult waiting in the wings.  The very same Father who was willing to have his ONLY Son put to death so we could have him as our very own Father. He does not treat us as his field hands or his maids. His Son Jesus Christ is not ashamed to call us his brother and the Father puts the very same Holy Spirit he put into Jesus into us so we can be conformed to the character of Christ.  We for real need to let more people know about this Heavenly Father.


My earthly Father was a blessing but he died well over 25 years ago. Thank God I have had a heavenly Father almost my entire life. I need both the encouragement and the discipline from someone who knows me better than any other human could and better than I know myself. My times with him every day are the very best times of my life and he loves to surprise me often with new evidences of his love and grace.  


I would not insult such a wonderful Father by talking to him only before eating or only briefly once or twice a week or when I am broke.  My Father is interested in every detail of my life – my wife, my sons, my grandchildren, my business, and my ministry. He once told me he has an infinite amount of things to share with me and I try to leave my heart’s door open to him at all times because I really need everything he wants to give to me and every correction I need.


On this Father’s Day, you may have a lot to celebrate or it may be a bittersweet day for you. Whether you are a child or whether you are an adult, take this final thought with you – you can know this wonderful Father today and celebrate this afternoon as you throw yourself into his heavenly arms, tell him everything you need to say, listen to everything you need to hear, and experience a level of love and acceptance that is literally out of this world.  May God bless you!

Thursday, May 6, 2021


Sunday May 9th is Mothers Day.   I am so grateful for my mother.  She was an amazing woman!  She had so many gifts!

Raised in the Bronx, her German family did not believe in girls being educated past eighth grade.  However, she graduated from high school going at night having needed to work days to help support her family and somehow managed to enroll in Hunter College without totally alienating her family.  She was such a gifted writer that she was called on the carpet because they could not believe any student could write like that and she must have plagiarized.  She left and contented herself with helping her husband in his studies, as he received four degrees.  

The learning itch came back many decades later and she enrolled in Kean University in New Jersey.  As a Senior Citizen she left most of the other students in the dust, but just before finishing her credits she fell ill and could not continue but she was honored anyway for her great achievement.

My mom was my champion.  My Dad like most men was more distant and did not always understand me.  He was not always easy to talk to then (that changed later in life), but my mom seemed to really "get" me. She stood up for me, encouraged me, and was oh so kind.

She was a legal secretary who could type 90 words per minute on a manual typewriter letter perfect and knew three forms of shorthand and could keep up with even fast talkers like I am.  I still have piles of single-spaced typed letters she sent me at least one or more times per week giving motherly advice and showing interest in what was going on in my life.

While Rheumatoid Arthritus and the effects of that crippling disease took her in her mid seventies, meaning she knew our older son only through about two years old and never met our younger son, she had a heart for children with Bible clubs at our house and children loved being around her.

By the way, my mom lost her first two children at or just after birth.  In 1945, pregnant with my sister, the doctors said this one was a problem and pressured her heavily to have a therapeutic abortion.  She refused and was willing to die so that her child could live.  My sister lived and though she struggled with asthma, she became a celebrated doctor in New York City, receiving an award for Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention from Anna Quinlan of the New York Times and the Humanism in Medicine Award from Mt. Sinai Hospital for her incredible humane values.  Years later, when my mom was 43, I was born, a bonus baby.  If my mom had listened to the doctors not only would my sister would never have been here, but neither would I, as her ability to have children would have ended per the protocols on the abortion with an older mother.

I am so grateful for a godly, wonderful mom willing to even die so her child could live. I wish she had lived a lot longer but I will never forget her.

Monday, April 5, 2021


The church is imploding in many places.  A Mega-Church in Bentonville, AR told a scientist to stifle himself because they have compromised the scriptures. Ralph Warnock in Georgia says Easter is not really about the resurrection of Jesus. I refuse to use his religious title.

Church after church explains away the Bible.  No wonder almost half of millennials who REGULARLY attend Evangelical churches LIVE TOGETHER before marriage!   They are either Biblically illiterate or have been taught to treat the Bible like a buffet.

Yet there are Christians who are intense for the Lord. The worship at the Good Friday service we attended was out of this world.  Some saints are deeply hungry for the word of God.

We must be sure to please the Lord, not cherry-pick the Bible, and withdraw all support, whether our presence, our time, and/or our money from ALL compromised churches and ministries.  Instead, we should plow our efforts into those who esteem our Lord and who seek to follow him with all their hearts.